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Writing your weblog

You know, I am sometimes having a hard time focusing my thoughts on a specific thing or better how to write about a special topic. I know exactly what I'll be writing about, but then find myself struggling with terms, grammar, meaning and flow of the article. Maybe that's because english isn't my first language, but hey, I chose to do an english blog, so I have get through it. I took a picture today being a fine expression for my wording skills.

Close-up of an old and rusty Underwood typewriter

Maybe I will be able to restore this old typewriter (meaning train my wording skills) and make this weblog a thing people are going to enjoy. I am absorbing stuff from Keith Robinson and Paul Scrivens because I really like their writings. They are having that focused style, writing about complicated things in such a clear and enjoyable manner, that even a foreign language person like me is enjoying their stuff.

So I was considering taking the Web Writing Course offered by the HWG.

Anyone who has already taken that course? If yes, would you recommend it? I consider it a challenge for a german student, but I am willing to risk something ;)

Posted by Minz Meyer at April 01, 2004, 01:49 AM | To Top