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The week of Minz

Hi everybody,
thanks that you stopped by to read my first post done with Movable Type.

The last week has been quite amusing. As you probably know, I am currently teaching the Intermediate CSS Workshop. Well, it was "my" week, which means that I had to look at and grade the student's work of the current week. We are having 51 students enrolled, so it is needless to say I was quite busy. But they are all doing very well and we're having some engaged discussions.

During the first week, I stumbled upon a very interesting thing regarding the W3C's CSS Validator. It passes invalid CSS files as valid under certain conditions (watch out for this one Kynn!). I have written about it in detail on my weblog over at minzweb. It is quite amazing, and a serious issue, cause it made me look like a fool. I pointed it out to some respected persons of the community (since I thought they might want to know) and Dave Shea was kind enough to send a comment to the appropriate mailing list at the W3C, but with no response yet. I am curious to see if something will happen, but I fear it will not.

Another thing happened this week. I participated in the Version 2 contest of Paul Scrivens. The assignment was to redesign the homepage of the Project Gutenberg using webstandards and table-less design methods. I am very proud to announce that I made the third place with my entry.

And finally, I finished working on my new business website Great it is finally ready to go online. I plan to do this launching coming Monday or Tuesday. Watch out for news here on my class blog.

Posted by Minz Meyer at March 22, 2004, 12:16 AM | To Top

Other ingredients

One good turn deserves another so here I am. I like your site and checked out your band info but, I must say you were right, you should've put the wife and kids first!;) So this css validating error is big news, eh? Kinda like finding your own star or comet. I'm a caveman at html design now and have problems with external css, which is caused by certain browsers and my free webspace so I only use internal style.
I liked your entry for Project Gutenberg but when I think of the name "Gutenberg" I have an image of old, old books on old, old shelves in old, old buildings. Your entry was new, new, new... whiiich is why I wouldn't have chosen it to win. But, hey, that's just me and what I thought when I saw it. I'll keep checking your blog out from time to time so... keep on posting, amigo. Lancelot x

Posted by: Lance Strohsahl at March 23, 2004 04:28 AM | Let Cool (this ingredient)

Hey Minz . . . I think we have a mutual acquaintance . . . Rene Rowland. I've been wanting to take the CSS classes at, but haven't gotten around to it yet. My CSS knowledge is pretty limited . . . but I'm learning all the time from others as I go. Some day, I may actually see you in class . . . :o)

Oh . . congratulations on the third place, btw . . . I liked your design . . . nice color scheme with nice easy navigation.


Posted by: Miss B at March 23, 2004 10:33 PM | Let Cool (this ingredient)