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MT Installation and Opera CSS observations

Good news first: I finally managed to set up Movable Type on my server, yeah! It was my first try and it turned out to be so easy that I was wondering what went wrong the first two times.

Since the design for this blog was finished already half a year ago, I am keen on creating my own templates and make it work like I want it to work. We'll see...

Opera and media="print"

This one is another curiosity that came up during our CSS workshop.

Seems like the behaviour described below is a (not well-) known Opera bug, it is filed as bug-124519 at Have a look at this Opera forum thread for details.

Consider a given file with two linked stylesheets. One's for rendering on screen while the other is meant for styling the printed output, using the according media-types. The screen version's styled with a background-image for the html, while there's no background-image assigned to the print CSS at all.

See the following test-file for reference: Opera. To print or not to print. Now, with these given conditions, make sure your Opera print options are like the following:

Screenshot of Opera's print options

Check Print page background.

Now, go either to Opera's print preview or print out the page. And this is what happens. Opera is misleadingly printing out the background-image we declared in the screen-styles. On top of that, it is ignoring our background-image: none; (which should not be needed) declaration we made in our print-styles.

Applying a completely different background-image to the print styles doesn't change anything either. It always shows the image we wanted to show up only on screen. Go see for yourself.

Now, would you call this a bug or am I missing something completely?

Note: I even tried embedded styles and using the @import method for the different stylesheets. Same effect. This behaviour occurs in both versions I tested (Opera 7.23 Build 3227 and Opera 7.50 Build 3494 on WinXP Pro).

Posted by Minz Meyer at March 25, 2004, 03:31 PM | To Top

Other ingredients

Oh Minz . . . I just went trolling through old submissions at CSS Zen Garden and found your Samurai design. It's gorgeous . . . I absolutely love it ~applause applause~

Now get with it and let's see something gorgeous over here . . . :o)

Posted by: Miss B at March 29, 2004 02:12 AM | Let Cool (this ingredient)

minz oh minz oh minz, I've been anxiously awaiting to see how you reskin your blog. I know you do beautiful work and I check in every now and then. Also, I'd like to hear how you're doing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the letter you wrote in class and the "hutzpah" behind it. Your words went a thousand miles farther than mine. Thanks. I love this class and its too bad some people just don't "get it". /kathy

Posted by: kathy painter at March 30, 2004 12:43 PM | Let Cool (this ingredient)

thank you minz, i did figure out what to do with blog yesterday with help from MT Support Forum. on main index just before tag i typed and it fixed it. thanks. i also changed the mtentries. i was over at "zen" when you posted, looking up what you'd done there.


Posted by: kathy at March 30, 2004 01:05 PM | Let Cool (this ingredient)