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So it is done. I just redesigned my other weblog minzweb.

With this redesign came a restructuring. I dropped the english version of minzweb. Well, not really, I didn't want to, because a lot of external sources are still pointing to it. So I decided to mirror the researchkitchen's content on the english version of minzweb. To achieve that, I am grabbing the RSS Full Entry Feed and displaying it on minzweb's frontpage using XSLT. Speaking of XSLT. I am really a bloody greenhorn when it comes to XSLT, so I just played around with it, and it was actually fun. So if anyone can come up with some tips about which XSL processor to use and (more important) how to install it properly on my Windows machine, I'd be quite thankful (I tried Xalan, but I got completely lost, feeling there are some basic things missing in my personal knowledge base ;)

However, go have a look and let me know what you think!

Posted by Minz Meyer at May 21, 2004, 06:15 PM | To Top

Other ingredients

Very cool, Minz. As a beginner myself with working over RSS feeds, this has me inspired. Now what the heck can I do with... Ooh I have an idea. There goes Saturday morning... Thanks for the inspiration!

Nice job on minzweb!

Posted by: Mike P. at May 21, 2004 09:11 PM | Let Cool (this ingredient)