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Wheeew, I have taken vacation from my computer the last one and a half days, which was something I really needed, I have to say. With all my IWA / HWG engagements, I've already slipped into another timezone making days to night and vice-versa. Made me really tired. So I went outside Saturday, enjoying spring's breathe (which has finally arrived here). Unfortunately, weather-forecast isn't promising for the next few days. We'll see.

Saturday afternoon I went to Sindelfingen to make music with some friends of mine. Yes, I am engaged in a band once more. Haven't played much the last four years, so I think I am going to enjoy this one. We plan to do sessions every fourth week this year. Speaking of music, I don't think I already showed you my new "precious" (Gollum, Gollum). So here it is:

Cort Acoustic Bass

Isn't that a fine piece of wood? It's a Cort CJB CE Bass with a solid spruce top, solid mahogany back & sides and a mahogany neck, and it makes great vibes. Very good to just grab your instrument and play along without having to plug in everything. Makes you more spontaneous!

Things in the CSS workshop are going fine, but it seems that most of my students must have waited for the day I am not checking the classroom in order to post their assignment. So I noticed 17 new submissions this morning and I am expecting lot of them to post today as well. So I already know what I am going to do tomorrow...guess what?

So, signs are bad for me turning in my week 3 review questions in time. Hopefully tomorrow night, latest date tuesday, I promise.

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<chuckle, chuckle, chuckle> -- ok minz, you're a hoot! how's this -- i won't try your sig. again because i always get befuddled!

i think you're awesome, by the way. (one last time?)


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