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H121: The Week 4 Review

These are my week 4 answers (since Kynn hasn't finished grading, I hope this will be still in time :))

About Tracked Blogs

How did you first come across each of these blogs?

I ran across all my tracked blogs when following a comment the blog owners left on other blog sites I read. In doing so, I have discovered most of my regular reads this way!

How high does each blog rank in the hierarchy?

I have to admit I couldn't figure out a ranking for my tracked blogs, so either they are not listed or I just didn't find them. But I know that all of them are pretty much frequented.

Do your tracked blogs offer RSS feeds?

Yes, all of them are offering RSS feeds. The widest range of feeds is offered by Asterisk. Keith Robinson offers description feeds, full entry feeds and comments feeds. Additionally, you can subscribe to a feed where only entries in the Web-design, -development category are offered. Geek only ;)

How large of a blogroll does each tracked blog have?

Both Keith Robinson and Anne van Kesteren are offering a specific link section. I wouldn't call it a blogroll, since they are as well linking to other online resources than just blogs.

About Blogging Software

Did your RSS aggregator support auto-discovery of RSS feeds?

I used the RSS Reader extension for Firefox 0.8, and it doesn't support auto-discovery of RSS feeds!

What's your general impression of using an RSS aggregator? What are the benefits and drawbacks of reading a Web site this way?

I have to admit I prefer reading blog entries in context and in the layout/design frame they are meant to appear. Therefore I am visiting most of my regular reads with my Internet browser. However, the RSS aggregator helps me to track the blogs and quickly see which one has been updated recently. Therefore the Firefox RSS Reader is a perfect choice for me, cause it quickly opens up the "live" page in my favorite browser once I checked the RSS update list.

About Your Blog

What are three existing blogs that might be interested in blogrolling your blog?

I really can't say that. I know that some people have listed in their blogrolls, but I am not a person that has posts often. I definitely should work on that in order to get listed more in other blogrolls. But now, with my running kitchen and a smooth MovableType installation running, chances are high I am going to post more regular. We'll see!

What is your plan for promoting your blog?

There is no special "plan" for promotion. I'll keep on commenting on other pages, and if people are interested they'll follow the link to my blog, and if they like it they'll return.

Do you feel it is important to get "highly ranked"? Why or why not?

It depends on. I am not sure if it is important to be ranked highly in blog indexes. It is important to get a good Google rank. But therefore, you have to make sure your page makes sense semantically and metadata-wise. I am just working on user-friendly URLs, because I know the user and Google likes 'em.

Trackbacking exercise

This exercise should be done for week four, so I am adding it here and try to send a trackback ping to our class page:
W4: What is Trackback? : Blogging Basics with Movable Type

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Other ingredients

Yeah, it's in time. :)


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