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H121: The Week 3 Review

Here are my week 3 answers! This entry was created using Zempt 0.3

Questions about Tracked Blogs

What is the "tone" of each of the three blogs? How do they come across in their writing?

I really can't say that. I read them, because both of them are interesting for me. Keith Robinson's Asterisk is the best though. He's always decent, polite but really straight forward. Anne van Kesteren is geeky. Very geeky, and often really provocating with his interpetation of the W3C specifications. And Markus Völkel is more entertaining, writing bout usability issues with a sarcastic point of view most times.

What sort of specialized lingo, if any, is used by the bloggers you're tracking?

I already talked about Keith Robinson's (from Asterisk) writings. All three of my tracked blogs are web-related, so they come all across a bit geeky, cause they use web terminology. None of them uses blogging language though. By the way, Ketih Robinson just published a great article once again. Be sure you read this: Web Design is Web Design.

Do the tracked blogs use specific categories for organizing information?
  1. Asterisks' categoories are: Almost Wordless, Flash, IA and Usability, Life and Such, My Sites, Review, Song of The Week, Web Design, Web Development, Web General
  2. Anne van Kesteren's categories are: Browsers, Bugzilla, General, Google, JavaScript, Learning, Links, Markup, Movies, PHP, Style, Thoughts
  3. Markus Völkel's categories are: Accessibility, Daily Error, Diverses, Internes, Netzwelt, Usability

Questions about your blog

Have you consciously chosen a "tone" for your blog? If not, how would you describe your approach to writing the blog, in terms of tone?

See Writing your weblog for my goals regarding the tone of my weblog.

Which of the terms from the blogging glossaries might you see yourself using, if any?

I don't think I am going to use special blogging terms.

To what extent had you thought about accessibility issues on the web before, and what will you do to make sure users with disabilities can read your blog?

My goal is of course being as much accessible as it can be. Right now, I am going for Single-A conformance. Have to figure out what to do with the comments though. Think that's a pretty heavy task. To provide full accessibility, I'll have to allow markup in the comments. Which means, I'll have to check comments for well-formedness and validity. But then, I cannot be sure everybody is capable of creating proper mark-up comments. So I think I'll have to drop the idea of being fully accessible whenever comments are involved. Speaking of Accessiblity, I just installed the Abbrev/Acronym plug-in and it works like a charm. Yeah!

What are the categories for your blog and how did you choose them?

So far my Categories (I called them "Menu") are: Fruits & Veggies (Webstandards), Personal Tidbits (my own reflections about web-related things), Cooking School (IWA/HWG related stuff) and Outside Kitchen (Personal non-web-related things). I chose them by looking at my posts so far and spent 2 days translating them into appropriate kitchen slang. Thanks to Christine for helping me out!

You were asked to try out a blog client this week; what did you choose and what did you think of it?

I am using Zempt 0.3 right now. It's lightweight and I like the clean and arranged User Interface. Setting it up was pretty easy, so I'll stick to it for now. The only thing I am missing is a search and replace function.

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Other ingredients

Hey! *Big Grin* You are very welcome, I had fun helping. See, while helping you, I get benefit of learning too. And that is always a 'Good Thing'.

Keep up the wonderful work!

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