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H121: The Week 1 Review

First off. I'm happy that I am not a student of my class, since we are pretty strict about deadlines. So my apologies for these late answers.

So let's go.

Questions about Blogging

What do you feel are the essential characteristics of a Web log that distinguish it from other types of Web sites?

We used to look at business websites, shopping portals, attended and contributed to forums for the last couple of years. Except for forums, this was a one-way usage of the web. Now weblogs are something completely different. A weblog is personal, it is fresh (more or less) and it is highly interactive (if comments are allowed). I never enjoyed the web that much until I began reading and commenting weblogs. It is a great source for information and inspiration and an easy way to make contact to respectful people.

How do blogs relate to the original purpose of the Web as defined by Tim Berners-Lee?

As far as I can tell, they reflect a quite range of things Tim Berners-Lee had in mind. Communication and sharing knowledge. It is an easy way to express oneself, add information you feel is missing on the web, talk to other people and last but not least it is easily to access and with tools like MT easy to manage and maintain.

Do you think blogs are revolutionary or evolutionary?

Afterall, blogs are kinda revolutionary. They put the web where it is was meant to be and bring us back to the basics. Observing myself, I spent 80% of my online time contributing to and reading blogs. Don't ask me what I have done before, but access to information that's relevant to me has become far more easier than it used to be in the pre-blog era.

Questions About Tracked Web Logs

What are the three blogs you've chosen, and why did you find them interesting?
  1. Asterisk*: A weblog mainly about Webdevelopment mixed up with personal opinion entries and "What's your take on (web-related stuff)?" questions.
  2. Weblog about Markup and Style: A pretty geekish blog related to Webstandards, Semantic Markup and Specifications.
  3. Usability Inside: A german weblog focusing on usability. No daily read, but one of the most interesting weblogs in german, as far as I am concerned.
Who is the author (or authors) of the blog?
  1. D. Keith Robinson, a webdesigner and developer in Seattle
  2. Anne van Kesteren, webdeveloper from the Netherlands
  3. Marcus Völkel, usability consultant from Berlin, Germany
What's the blog about, and who are the audiences?

See above!

Questions About Your Blog

What's your blog about?

Mainly about webdesign stuff. I know there are a lot of them out there, but I need to do one to express what I feel about web-related things, what problems I ran into, what workarounds I found out, and at least there's a lack of good web-related blogs in Germany. Most of them I read just translate excerpts from well-known US or CA based blogs. Time for a change ;)

Who would you like to read this blog?

All kind of webdesigners, from beginners up to experts. I'd prefer having an international audience, so I plan to set this one up in two languages as well (english and german). Last but not least, my CSS students already pointed out they will continue reading if I update regularly :D

What are your goals and motivation in publishing to this blog?

Share my thoughts, share my knowledge, and of course having people on my site.....last but not least, become rich and famous ;)))

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