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Happy Birthday to CSS 2.0 which became Recommendation 6! years ago. Well, that is old, isn't it? Time to blame some browser manufacturer? One day before this birthday the CSS 3 Basic User Interface Module reached the status of Candidate Recommendation. Now, we're getting somewhere.

Then, I'd like to thank Tom Werner for a fantastic Movable Type plugin. Did you ever worry about the mess displayed in the status bar when you got the spam_protect attribute turned on on CommentAuthorLink? I never had an idea where it would take me when clicking on a commenter's link which was more than disturbing. Now there is a solution for it. The plugin is called URL Titles and adds a title attribute that contains the author's URL to your MTCommentAuthorLink. Great job! Thanks so much!

While you are on it, make sure you read this entry: Blind for a Day, again written by the beforementioned Tom Werner. It is a great article about how websites should be constructed regarding the usage of IBM's Home Page Reader (HPR) 3.0. A very good read.

Speaking of good reads. There are several out there these days. For example, Andy Budd takes an An Objective Look at Table Based vs. CSS Based Design while Keith Robinson woes about old-style markup in Non-Standard Code Hurts The Bottom Line.

Finally, take a look at the fantastic redesign of Digital Web.

Update: Just about a couple of hours ago, Anne van Kesteren announced the redesign of his blog. You should go look. It is really good and muuuuch better than his recent designs. Good to go, Anne.

And last but not least, the current session of IWA/HWG's Intermediate CSS Workshop, taught by fabulous Chimène Long and yours truly, is still open for registration!

Posted by Minz Meyer at May 14, 2004, 01:05 PM | To Top

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Thanks Minz! I only hope that I can convince more people to utilize URLTitles. I'm sick of redirection blindness! I'm curious to see how MovableType 3.0 handles this problem. I'm also curious to see how many people actually upgrade. Things over in the 6 Apart arena are a bit dicey!

I'm curious Minz, are you planning on making the upgrade?

Posted by: Tom Werner at May 15, 2004 12:04 AM | Let Cool (this ingredient)

Hey Tom. I'll keep on going and spreading the word about your plug-in, cause it is really great if you are like me wanting to have the best of both worlds. To be honest that redirection URLs annoyed me as well, but I didn't want to remove it from my blog.

Regarding the MT upgrade. I am relatively new to that whole MT thing, so I'll stick to 2.6 for now. But I wouldn't hesitate to pay the appropriate amount for a personal license, why should I? The program is worth it if you ask me. I am just worried bout the limited number of authors. But I have a felling that things are going to change and the last word isn't spoken yet.

Posted by: Minz Meyer at May 15, 2004 03:09 PM | Let Cool (this ingredient)