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Discover a lost art: Play Marbles

Now. This is great news. I just received my copy of the brand-new Marillion double-album "Marbles" by air-mail! How long have I been waiting for this one!!! To tell you the whole story, I have to go back almost nine months. The band approached their fans via the Marillion eWeb-Newsletter and asked if anyone would be willing to pre-order their new CD. No big deal you are saying, but the thing is, the CD wasn't even recorded back then. So they were hoping to gain enough money through pre-orders to make it happen in the first place. How's that? Not a bad idea, if you ask me. Being an addicted fan since over 20 years I immediately replied "Yes, of course". And I was in good company. About 13500 Marillion fans were willing to pay for a CD that wasn't even done yet.

Marillion: Marbles CD promo cover

So we, the fans, were the ones to make this album happen. And it was worth the waiting. It is Marillion's first double album ever and it is packed with musical gems (or should I say marbles?). Besides, the pre-order copy comes as a great designed digi-pack with a booklet of 128 full-colored pages. They listed the name of each pre-ordering fan in it. So if you ever come across that limited edition CD, watch out for my is in there :))

I am really looking forward to the tour and try to attend the concert in Cologne, which is scheduled for 23rd May.

If you're interested now, discover the lost art of playing marbles and find a better way of life at You can re-read the whole history of this pre-ordering campaign, listen to samples of the new album and learn a big deal about this great band there.

Posted by Minz Meyer at April 26, 2004, 11:48 AM | To Top