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A face to the name

You know, it's funny. Working online most of the day, speaking to people via weblogs and forum posts or chat modules, you start to wonder about how they look pretty soon. Well, that's what I do at least. Even more funny is, once you see a picture of them, most of the times they don't look as you expected. So, because I know that it is nice everybody can put a face to the name, here's mine.

Portrait of Minz

The pic was taken this afternoon in my office. I am sorry to say that I cannot come up with a better self-portrait. I am just getting used to my new digicam. It's a Canon PowerShot A70 and I got it three weeks ago. Now one thing is sure, though. I'll never become a famous photographer. But I like to play around with it and find myself strolling through the house hunting motives and perspectives. Actually, all shots you've seen so far in this blog were taken with this cam.

Posted by Minz Meyer at April 05, 2004, 11:48 PM | To Top

Other ingredients

Thank you for the support, it's nice to see how well you're doing. Your site is incredible (of course) but I would expect that from you. I think I read you may be taking Web writing next, you may find me there. I'm not that good, fairly rust, on CSS so I'm sure I could use a refresher.

Anyways, I've enjoyed having you in class and you were always so prompt in responding. I want to shake this class up and make people TALK and see responses but it seems pretty lame, they don't take this class seriously, seems they are only in it for themselves.

I'm probably harsh, but the way to learn is through other students and I haven't seen that type of involvement.

In other news, I LUV your website.


Posted by: kathy painter at April 9, 2004 05:15 AM | Let Cool (this ingredient)