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Minz Meyer's Researchkitchen Menu: July 2004

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July 2004

CSS - Auto-height and margin-collapsing

This entry discusses how the height for block-level element is computed in CSS. It additionally demonstrates how auto-height and margin-collapsing can have a great impact on your designs.

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Posted by Minz Meyer at July 28, 2004 | Other ingredients (18) | Menu: Fruits & Veggies | To Top

Legal Music Download. A real challenge!

My attempts on purchasing a song online

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Posted by Minz Meyer at July 14, 2004 | Other ingredients (10) | Menu: Personal Tidbits | To Top

Take a deep breath

Sometimes, things happen and remind you that there is more in life than work, money and the web. This is what happened to me last week: I was hit by a car whose driver lost control of his vehicle due...

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Posted by Minz Meyer at July 12, 2004 | Other ingredients (8) | Menu: Outside Kitchen | To Top