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Minz Meyer's Researchkitchen - Head Chef

Cooking with Webstandards! Taste the full flavour of the Web

Head Cook - About me

Minz is cooking <name>Minz Meyer</name>
<location>Aspach, Germany</location>

  <status>For hire</status>
  <business><minz /></business>

What's this site about

This is my personal weblog, written in English. Herein can be found my personal thoughts and experiences as a webstandards admirer and webdesigner, as well as things that happen in my life and I feel about should be shared.

Beware, this is not my native language, but I feel myself being the member of a global web-community and therefore created this one. There is still my german weblog over there at minzweb. At time of this writing it still exists bilingual, but I think I am going to post English entries here and the German counterparts at minzweb in the future.

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